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About the extension

This extension has the following features.

Customer Order Return

  1. You can set the number of days till when the return order or product is eligible. Once the date is expired, customer will not be able to initiate return or use the returns button in the customer order info page.
  2. Once a return is placed for a particular product, the return button will not be shown.
  3. You can set when the return order button shown be displayed depending on the current order status of the order. For example, you will not want to show returns button when the order is in “Complete” status.

Customer Order Cancellation

  1. Customer can cancel the order themselves
  2. You can set on what all order status a customer can cancel his order. For example you can set a customer can only cancel order only if the order status is in pending, processing or processed status.
  3. You can set the number of days till when a customer can cancel his order. Once the date is passed, customer will not be able to cancel his order.
  4. When the customer cancels his order, he will receive the order status update email as per opencart settings.

Customer Order Review Confirmation

  1. You can display a review block on customer order info page.
  2. For example, customer has ordered 10 quantity of a particular product, but you have only 8 in stock. You can now edit the order and update the quantity in the order, and set the order to Order Status “Order Modified”. Now, customer can see a confirm button on the order info page. Customer can click on confirm or cancel the order.

All of the features are only for logged in customers.


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