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Email User Template Mapping

This section is used to map the email templates for customer / affiliate account related emails like registration successful email, forgot password email, reward points email, voucher email, order return email, etc.

This section cannot be used for any order status or order confirmation email. We have another section (extension) to do this job exclusively.

How to Use

  1. Go to Extensions > Extensions > Productivity Apps > Email User Template Mapping
  2. First create an email template. (Use the available shortcode for user personalization)
  3. After creating the template, assign / map the template to respective email activity

For OpenCart 2.x.x.x versions, the ocmod makes the neccassary modification to appropriate files.

For Opencart 3.x.x.x versions, ocmod is not used to make any modifications. Instead it is using the OpenCart’s new mailing concept, i.e., sending email using Events. Therefore to enable using the Email User Template Mapping you will need to disable the exisiting events and enable the events of this extension. To enable/disable events in opencart 3.x.x.x versions, go to Extensions > Events.

For example, you have created template for customer account registration and mapped the template in the extension. To enable or make sure this particular template goes to the customer and not the default opencart mail, then you need to enable hb_mail_customer_add and disable mail_customer_add

Refer the following table to enable / disable events for appropriate template mapping

Email Type Enable Event Disable Event
Customer Account Registration hb_mail_customer_add mail_customer_add
Admin Add Customer hb_admin_mail_customer_add
Customer Account Registration Admin Alert hb_mail_customer_alert mail_customer_alert
Customer Account Approved hb_admin_mail_customer_approve admin_mail_customer_approve
Customer Account Denied hb_admin_mail_customer_deny admin_mail_customer_deny
Customer Account Credit hb_admin_mail_transaction admin_mail_transaction
Customer Forgot Password hb_mail_forgotten mail_forgotten
Customer Reward hb_admin_mail_reward admin_mail_reward
Customer Voucher hb_mail_voucher mail_voucher
Customer Order Return Confirmation to customer hb_mail_return_confirmation
Customer Return History Update by admin hb_admin_mail_return_status
Customer Add Return admin alert hb_mail_return_admin_alert
Customer Order Return (from admin panel) hb_admin_mail_return admin_mail_return
Affiliate Account Registration hb_mail_affiliate_add mail_affiliate_add
Affiliate Account Registration Admin Alert hb_mail_affiliate_alert mail_affiliate_alert
Affiliate Account Approved hb_admin_mail_affiliate_approve admin_mail_affiliate_approve
Affiliate Account Denied hb_admin_mail_affiliate_deny admin_mail_affiliate_deny
Affiliate Account Transaction hb_mail_transaction mail_transaction

Video Demonstration


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