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Newsletter Popup + Easy Account Registration

Email is the most important communication method in the world of web. An email address connects you from your customer and therefore it is very important to get email address of your customer so that you can communicate with them and thereby market your product to increase your sales.

This purchase will offer you the following modules

  1. Newsletter Popup Module + Easy Account Registration
  2. Newsletter Subscribe Block

Using Newsletter popup module you can show popup to ask your customer to subscribe for your newsletter. This can be added to any layout of your website. Also this module offers an optional easy sign-up form so if the customer wishes to sign up an account, he is just few steps away. This module definitely increases your customer database as it is hassle free for the customer to use this module. You as an admin can disable this optional sign-up form

Also using the Newsletter Subscribe Block you can place it anywhere in your website layout. This is a static block which allows customer to enter their email address. 

Also this module is so versatile so that you can customize the popup / block so beautifully to attract the customer. You can use your own text, coupon code to welcome customers, adding background image to popup, popup animation effect and so on.

This module is developed with responsiveness so that this popup looks great in all device screens. 

You can easily create template for welcome emails to subscriber as well as for welcome account registration emails. You can mention your coupon code to user to offer some discount to make your customer to buy products from your website.

This module is intelligent enough to understand if the customer is logged in and has not signed up for newsletter. It automatically fetches the email address in the email field so that customer need not to enter the email address. All he needs is just a click on the subscribe button.

Also this extension uses browser cookie so that your customer is not irritated by the popup.


Features Availability

FEATURES 1.5.6.x 2.0.x.x 2.1.x.x 2.3.x.x
Popup Subscriber form YES YES YES YES YES
Easy Sign-up form YES YES YES YES YES
Subscriber Block Module NO YES YES YES YES
Admin view guest subscribers YES YES YES YES YES
Admin access to delete guest subscribers? YES YES YES YES YES
Export to Excel NO YES YES YES YES
Email Template Customisation YES YES YES YES YES
Add Background Image from Admin NO NO YES YES YES
Developer friendly Popup templates NO NO YES YES YES
Send Email to Subscribers YES YES YES YES YES
Multi-language YES YES YES YES YES


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