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Step 1: Install Base Plugin

Refer guide https://www.huntbee.com/documentation/docs/base-plugin-for-huntbee-extensions/installation/ to install Base Plugin. If you have already installed this, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Upload the common library files

IMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU PURCHASED THIS EXTENSION FROM OPENCART MARKETPLACE: Due to space restriction in OpenCart Marketplace, we are not able to upload this library package. Please download it from https://www.huntbee.com/common-upload-pdf-invoice-generator.zip 

  1. Extract the zip package common-upload-pdf-invoice-generator.zip and you will find 2 folders inside the folder common-upload-pdf-invoice-generatoradmin and vendor
  2. Copy these folders to your web root directory (via filezilla or any ftp management software) where you have installed OpenCart, such that the admin folder merges with the existing admin folder. No core files will be overwritten.
  3. This is done

Step 3: Install PDF Invoice Generator extension

  1. Extract the zip package PDF-Invoice-Generator-1.0.zip. You will find the following folders inside


    • opencart-21xx
    • opencart-22xx
    • opencart-23xx
  2. Choose the folder depending on your installed OpenCart version
  3. Inside the selected folder you will see pdf-invoice.ocmod.zip package. This is an ocmod extension and therefore you will install this package via your admin panel's extension installer.
  4. Login to your admin panel
  5. Go to Extension > Extension Installer. Upload this package (pdf-invoice.ocmod.zip)
  6. Go to Extension > Modifications. Click on Refresh button to refresh your modification cache. You will see PDF INVOICEin the modification list.
  7. Go to Extensions > Productivity Apps
  8. You will see PDF Invoice Generator in the list
  9. Click on the Install button
  10. Click on Edit button now and you can setup the extension as per your need.
  11. Test the extension before going Live by creating dummy order and try updating the order status and check if you receive the pdf invoice attached in the email received.
  12. Also test the Download PDF invoice button appears in customer order list and order info pages. This may not appear in custom templates and you will need our support to make it appear in your custom template.


  1. Go to Extension > Modifications and delete the modification named PDF INVOICE
  2. Go to Extension > Extension Installer. Upload journal2_fix_pdfinvoice.ocmod.xml​ 
  3. Continue with Step 11 and Step 12 mentioned above
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