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Product Stock Notification

Many times customer will look for a product and when they see out of stock, they simply leave the website, and you lose a sale. 

What happens when customer finds a product Out-of-Stock?

  1. The time duration spent by your customer on your website is less and therefore your page CTR (Click-through Rate) is reduced. This affects website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. You do not know that a customer visited your website and left just because one of your products is not in stock.
  3. Customer gets unhappy
  4. You lose a potential Sale and therefore your potential profit gets affected
  5. You are unaware of Customer demands
  6. Inventory Management is not effective

What is the solution?

Here is an extension which will engage your customer to your website and also it will let you know on the customer demands and gives you an opportunity to provide quality and better customer service to your customers. It makes easy for you to keep customers up to date on the products that they want to purchase but are out of stock.

With this extension you can see which out-of-stock products customers subscribed. This way you will load your stock with the products which you can sell right away. By keeping in stock the products which customers want to buy, you will sell products a lot quicker and save on inventory.

Benefits / Features of this extension

  1. Improve inventory turnaround and get more profit
  2. Build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction
  3. Let your customer subscribe to out-of stock products
  4. Let your customer subscribe to out-of stock product options of configurable items
  5. Automatically Notify Customers when product is back in stock (Cron Job Setup).
  6. Email Notification to Customer
  7. Email template and SMS template designer
  8. Tracks Customer Selected Product Options
  9. Tracks Customer Language
  10. Multi-Store, Multi-lingual
  11. Easy Admin Control
  12. If the customer is logged in, the customer need not to type his/her email address/name/phone. This extension will automatically get the email address/name/phone of the logged in customer.
  13. Google Analytics Campaign tracking 
  14. Cron job script to automate the process.

Product Stock Alert Illustration

Features Standard Full Pro Full – Form Inline
Compatibility OpenCart 1.5.x.x to OpenCart 1.5.x.x to

OpenCart 2.0.x.x to 3.x.x.x

Add to Cart Button Behaviour No Changes to button, but when clicked on add to cart button of a out-of stock product, notify form pops out

Add to Cart button is Renamed to Notify Me Button for product out-of-stock (Product with no user options); and upon clicking on this button, notify form pops out.

However No changes to add to cart button on product with out-of-stock user options.

Change of add to cart button to notify me button when user selects out-of stock options can be provided on demand. 

Notify form is embedded in Product page for product out-of-stock.
Template Dependency Less Dependent  Highly Dependent Highly Dependent



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