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Advanced Setup

Note: This section topic requires basic technical understanding of coding

1. Changing Product Image Size displayed in Email

To change the product image size it can be achieved in 2 ways

1.1 By adding width attribute in HTML email template

  1. Open the extension’s admin page and navigate to Templates > {products} Design tab
  2. Use Editor in code view
  3. Find <img src=“{product_image}”> in the code view mode and Add width attribute to it as shown. You can specify your desired width. <img src=”{product_image}” width=”100px” />

1.2 By updating the resizing size in the code [Recommended Method]

  1. Open file catalog/controller/cron/reviewemail.php
  2. Find the following code $image = $this->model_tool_image->resize($product_info[‘image’], 200, 200);
  3. Update the value 200, 200 as per your desired width
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