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How to Use

  1. Before using this extension, you must have saved the settings.
  2. Backup is recommended before you use this extension to ensure you do not mess up anything because of any conflicts that may occur due to your server setting.

Using the extension

The purpose of this extension is to rename the existing product images. To do this, go to dashboard tab of this extension and click on the button “Start Image Renaming Process“.

Once the process is completed you can see the count of images outside the specified target folder. Both the counts (Product Main Image and Product Additional Image) should display 0. If any or none of them is displaying 0. then click the button “Start Image Renaming Process” once again.

Also note that images are organized within the target folder by the product’s category name. If multiple categories are assigned to products, the extension only takes the first category that is detected in the database. If no category is assigned then the images are located to a common folder as specified in the settings.

How to delete the rename logs data?

To clear all the rename logs data, you need to uninstall the extension and reinstall it.

Uninstalling the extension will not affect any product images. Only the setting data and rename logs data are removed from the database.

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