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Step 1: Install SEO Extension Base Plugin

Refer guide https://www.huntbee.com/documentation/docs/seo-admin-base-plugin-by-huntbee/ to install SEO Extension Apps Base Plugin. If you have already installed this, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Install SEO Structured Data Extension

  1. Extract the zip package SEO_structured_data_9_0.zip. You will find the following folders inside

    • opencart-2000-2200
    • opencart-23xx
    • opencart-3xxx
  2. Choose the appropriate folder depending on your installed opencart version.
  3. Inside the selected folder you will see structured_data.ocmod.zip package. This is an ocmod extension and therefore you will install this package via your admin panel's extension installer.
  4. Login to your admin panel
  5. Go to Extension > Extension Installer. Upload this package (structured_data.ocmod.zip)
  6. Go to Extension > Modifications. Click on Refresh button to refresh your modification cache. You will see SEO – Structured Data Markup in the modification list.
  7. Go to Extension > Extensions. Select SEO Extensions [HuntBee] from the drop-down selection


    • Menu for OpenCart 2.3.x.x and higher : Extension > Extensions
    • Menu for OpenCart to 2.2.x.x : Extension > SEO Extensions
  8. You will see SEO Structured Data (schema.org) in the list
  9. Click on the Install button
  10. Click on Edit button now and you can setup the extension as per your need.
  11. Test the extension completely.

Video Demonstration : Installation and Setup

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