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How to Use

After installing the extension follow the below steps

  1. Enable : Run script when product/category/brand/information item is added
  2. Enable : Update New keyword to Preserved List **
  3. Click on Save button
  4. Click on the Preserve existing URL Keyword button **
  5. Click on Clear Product URL keyword
  6. Click on Clear Category URL keyword
  7. Click on Clear Brand URL keyword
  8. Click on Clear Information URL keyword
  9. Click on Generate Product URL keyword
  10. Click on Generate Category URL keyword
  11. Click on Generate Brand URL keyword
  12. Click on Generate Information URL keyword
  13. Click on Set 301 Redirect **
  14. Disable : Update New keyword to Preserved List **
  15. Click on Save **

** Skip these steps if Broken Link Manager Extension is not installed

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