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How to Use

Basic and mandatory setup

  1. After completing installation, click on the edit button
  2. You will be notified to add code to .htaccess file. Click on the button add code to htaccess. If the extension does not find the .htaccess file in the server, the code will not be added and will give you warning message. 
  3. Go to settings tab and set all the required options and click on Save button
  4. You are done. The XML sitemap files will be shown in your dahboard tab of this extension
  5. Once everything is fine, you can submit the sitemap index file to google search console (google webmaster)

How to generate Raw XML Sitemap files (optional)

  1. After completing the basic setup as mentioned above, go to Raw XML files tab
  2. Click on Add sitemap Links to database. This will get the dynamic sitemap files and save the file links to database
  3. Click on Generate Raw XML files. This will get the links from the database and download XML files to your server directory under xmlsitemaps/ folder

How to Regenerate Raw XML Sitemap files

To generate Raw XML files freshly you need to clear the xmlsitemaps directory by clicking on the Clear Directory / Reset button. This will remove all the previous raw xml files. After clearing, you can generate Raw XML sitemap file as mentioned above.

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