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Order Shipment / Courier Tracking Info for OpenCart 15xx

OpenCart Compatibility: 1.5.x.x

This extension enables you to add courier / shipment details to the products shipped in the order. You can also assign separate courier details to each product in a particular order. The details you provide from admin will be reflected in customer's order history page.

How to use this extension?

  1. First you add the number of courier companies you are tied up in Admin : Extensions > Extensions > Productivity Apps > Order Shipment Tracking Info. The details will be stored in database as a lookup table.
  2. Then you can easily assign courier/shipment details like courier service, tracking code to a particular product of order or all products of an order. The details will be saved to database.
  3. The details will appear in admin order info page as well as in customer order history page.

This extension is compatible with Order Status Email/SMS template Designer, so that you can send the tracking / shipment details in the customer email.

Compatibility 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x,
Requirement VQMOD
Core Files Overwrite No Core files overwritten
Multi-store Yes, Supports Multi-store
Multi-lingual Yes, Support Multi-language website
Framework OpenCart

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Malo Bueno
  1. La licencia para usar la extensión está restringida a un solo dominio y su subdominio. Si desea usar la extensión en otros dominios, debe comprar otra licencia (es decir, comprar nuevamente)
  2. Después de la compra, debe activar la licencia visitando Esto se hace para validar su autorización.
  3. No puede licenciar, sublicenciar y revender nuestros productos
  4. No puede reutilizar ninguna parte del código, la lógica o el algoritmo de este producto en ningún otro lugar que no satisfaga el funcionamiento de este producto como se anuncia.

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