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Creative subject lines

Basic Lines

  • Did you forget this?
  • Have you forgotten something?
  • Looks like you forgot something, complete your purchase
  • Ready to buy? Complete your order now
  • Come back to complete your checkout
  • You’re so close
  • Can I help you?
  • Complete your checkout in two steps
  • You forgot something in your cart

Using the short-code {firstname} for personalization

  • Did you forget something? {firstname}
  • Heading out without checking out? {firstname}
  • Ooops, you forgot something. {firstname}
  • You left something behind. {firstname}
  • {firstname}, complete your purchase of {product_name}
  • Did you forget this, {firstname}?
  • Still thinking it over, {firstname}?
  • Hey {firstname}, complete your purchase in two clicks
  • Forgot Something: {firstname}, did you leave this behind?
  • Free shipping offer for {firstname}
  • Hey {firstname}, your cart is expiring soon
  • {firstname}, complete your purchase in two clicks

Using the short-code {product_name}

  • Ooops, you forgot {product_name}
  • Did you forget to checkout {product_name}
  • Your new {product_name} is just two clicks away
  • Your {product_name} is almost ready to ship

Using the coupon short-code – ‘INCENTIVIZED’ SUBJECT LINE FORMULAS

  • {coupon_discount} Discount off of {product_name}
  • Save {coupon_discount} when you complete your purchase
  • Free shipping, just for you {firstname}
  • Get Free Shipping on {product_name} Today
  • Hey, forget something? Here’s {coupon_discount} off.

FOMO (Fear of missing out) SUBJECT LINE FORMULAS

  • {product_name} is selling fast: Complete your purchase now
  • Last Chance
  • Limited time only
  • You left {product_name} in your cart
  • Your cart expired
  • Your cart is expiring


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