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Customer Reports

This section provides you the following customer reports and the reports can be filtered by date range (start date and end date). The reports can also be exported to CSV.

  1. Total number of customers monthly
  2. Total orders by customers
    • Number of orders placed
    • Number of products
    • Sum of the total purchase amount
  3. Customers by product

Date Range Filter

The date range filter shows the data between the selected dates.

If you are trying to get the data which includes the present date, it is recommended to provide the end date as the next day. It is because the time is set to 00:00:00 by default and current date records may have time greater than 00:00:00 and therefore this data will not fall in this range. Hence it is advisable to select the next date for the end date.

Be informed that for longer date range (for example, more than 5 years date range), the process could take some time or may result in time-out error or script error. This is completely dependent on your server speed, and we cannot provide you any kind support in such cases.

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