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Step 1: Install Base Plugin

Install . If you have already installed this, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Install Main Extension

  1. Download the correct package as per your opencart version. The downloaded zip package must have the name
  2. Login to your admin panel
  3. Go to Extension > Extension Installer. Upload this package ( )
  4. Go to Extension > Productivity Apps. (If you do not see Productivity Apps, it means you have not properly installed base plugin as mentioned in Step 1)
  5. You will see Email Templates Addon : Customer Edit Email Verification in the list
  6. Click on the Install button. And make appropriate settings as per your requirement and save the settings.
  7. Go to Extensions > Events. Enable event hb_mail_customer_editemail
  8. Go to Extensions > Modifications. Click on Refresh button.
  9. Go to Admin Dashboard and click on Refresh Theme cache from developer settings (gear icon at right top)
  10. Test the extension.
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