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CRON Bucket: Streamlining Email Delivery

The CRON Bucket feature in our OpenCart extension provides an efficient way to send emails in batches, ensuring optimal delivery and load management. Instead of sending emails directly to recipients, you can store them in the CRON bucket for timed batch delivery according to your settings.

Main Features:

  1. Batch Email Sending: Emails are grouped and sent in batches, reducing server load and improving deliverability.
  2. Customizable Frequency: You can set the CRON job frequency to determine how often batches of emails are sent.


  • Optimized Delivery: Batch sending prevents server overload and ensures smooth email delivery.
  • Controlled Timing: Schedule email batches for optimal timing, improving engagement.

Expected Results:

Emails stored in the CRON bucket will be sent out in batches as per your frequency settings. This helps manage server load and maintain a steady email delivery rate.


  • Make sure your CRON settings are correctly configured for the feature to work effectively.

The CRON Bucket feature streamlines your email sending process, allowing for controlled, batched delivery. Experience improved deliverability and timing for your email campaigns.


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