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For 1.5.x.x versions

The version of this extension is 1.0. Enhancements for OpenCart 1.5.x.x is discontinued. It is recommended that you always upgrade the OpenCart Versions to get latest updated features.

We do provide enhancements on customized service charges. 

This is a VQMOD based extension and therefore VQMOD must be installed in your opencart.

  1. Extract the contents inside the upload folder to your web root directory via filezilla or any FTP software
  2. Login to admin, Go to Extensions > Courier Partner
  3. Add Courier Company / Agent Details here
  4. Go to System > Settings. Click Edit. Under Options Tab, look for Enable Courier Service field and set the order status.
  5. Now on Admin Order Details page, you can see the module when the order status is selected as per your setting in point #4.
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