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Admin Components

Data / Reports

This shows all the records that the customer subscribed for the products. Whenever a customer subscribe for an alert, the data appears here and by default Notified Date column will be empty. The notified date column values are only filled after successful notification to customer.


  1. Show All Reports – Shows all data in the database
  2. Show Awaiting Reports – Shows data that are not notified yet
  3. Show Archive Reports – Shows data that are notified to customer

Products in Demand

This shows a view of products in demand based on the customer product alert subscription. The views are filtered based on records that are not notified to customers. This gives an idea to the admin on how many quantity of a particular product is in demand.


Shows the following data statistics

  1. Total number of Alert Records
  2. Total number of Alert notified
  3. Customers awaiting Notification
  4. Number of products demanded
  5. Total number of Archive Records
  6. Number of Customers Notified

Email & SMS Template Design

Design HTML email template and SMS content to be sent to the customer using the available shortcodes. After updating the values, click on SAVE button at the top right corner

You can also enable or disable admin email here. If admin email is disabled, admin will not get email notification whenever a customer subscribes to a product.


Update the setting value according to your requirement.

Form Setting

Enable/Disable the fields to be shown in the popup notify form in the store frontend. Email field is required field whereas Name and phone and comments are optional.

You can validate the number of digits that can be entered by the user for the phone number.

Select the effect of popup appearance from the 6 different animation effect.

Also you can style the CSS and appearance of the form using the Define your CSS style field.

Include Magnific Popup Libraries keep this option disabled if you are using Journal2 Template

Condition setting

You can set what defines a product as out of stock and the notify button to get enabled. By default product quantity less than 1 is considered as product out-of-stock. Note that if you set it 0, the notify function works for product quantity less than 0 (i.e., Negative values).

You can enable the notify function based on Out-of-stock Status setting and quantity in product. If this is disabled the condition is only based on quantity. If enabled for a particular stock status setting, say for an example, Out-of-stock, then notify function will only get enabled for product that has quantity less than 1 and out-of-stock status setting is set to Out-of-Stock

Product Analytics

This adds the tracking code to the product link sent in email to customer. So when customer clicks on the link, it gets tracked in to your Google Analytics and enables you to understand how effectively the notification email helps you in the sale conversion or website traffic. You can track user’s location, device, time spent, etc in your google analytics. Google Analytics account is mandatory and the google analytics tacking code must be enabled in your website.

Cron Job Setting

You can enable automatic notification to customer using your server cron job. A cron job is executed by your server at a given frequency defined by you and loads a particular URL or executes a particular script file. The cron job command is given in the setting page.

Recommended frequency for this extension is once per day

Cron job setting differs from server to server. Kindly contact the server support and learn about cron job setting in your server.

Refer cron job setting in cpanel documentation


This is a new feature introduced in version 8.2. Here you can setup the language content for the notify button or notify form.


  1. Export to Excel
  2. Delete All Records
  3. Delete records that are not yet notified
  4. Delete all Notified Records
  5. Uninstall


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