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Step 1: Install Base Plugin

Install https://www.huntbee.com/base-plugin . If you have already installed this, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Install Recent Sales Popup Extension

  1. Download the correct package as per your opencart version. The downloaded zip package must have the name order-recent-sales-popup-alert-x.x.x.ocmod.zip
  2. Login to your admin panel
  3. Go to Extension > Extension Installer. Upload this package (recent-sales-popup-alert-x.x.x.ocmod.zip)
  4. Go to Extension > Productivity Apps. (If you do not see Productivity Apps, it means you have not properly installed base plugin as mentioned in Step 1)
  5. You will see Recent Sales Popup in the list
  6. Click on the Install button
  7. Click on Edit button and you can setup the extension as per your need.
  8. Now, Go to Extension > Modules. Look for Recent Sales Popup Module and click on install.
  9. Set up the module just like any other modules and add this module to your layouts (Design > Layouts)
  10. Test the extension.
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