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SEO Image Rename

Image filename for SEO

For image search engine optimisation, Images used in your website should have words or keywords that describe the image accurately and clearly.

For example: Rather than Image01.jpg or DSC001.jpg, use black-maxi-dress.jpg

The name of the image file with help search engines determine what the picture is of. You should include a keyword that you are trying to rank for when writing the image file name.

However, avoid making long file names and keyword stuffing because this could have a negative impact on ranking. Use dashes to separate words rather than underscores, which will combine words rather than separating them. 

About this extension

This extension renames the product images / category images / brand images with its respective title. Thereby the images in product pages / category pages / brand pages will have relevance to the respective pages, and since the product / category / brand title is used in the image filename which acts as a keyword, images will be indexed in the search engines results accordingly. 

Not only this extension renames the images but also it organises the images beautifully within the web directory.  This extension helps you fix all the mess in your image folder.


  1. Renames Product Main Images
  2. Renames Product Additional Images
  3. Renames Category Images
  4. Renames Brand Images
  5. SEO friendly image filename
  6. SEO friendly Non-english character conversion 
  7. Relocates Product images
  8. Relocates Category images
  9. Relocates Brand images
  10. Creates folders inside specified target folder according to category assigned to product
  11. Rename logs to track the work done


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