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SEO On-Page Tags Generator

This SEO extension generates the following in bulk quantity. These can be generated manually as well as automatically without any manual triggering.

  1. Title Tag for Product Pages
  2. Meta-description for Product Pages
  3. Meta-keyword for Product Pages
  4. H1 tag for Product Pages
  5. H2 tag for Product Pages
  6. Image Alt tag for Product Pages
  7. Image title tag for Product Pages
  8. Title Tag for Category Pages
  9. Meta-description for Category Pages
  10. Meta-keyword for Category Pages
  11. H1 tag for Category Pages
  12. H2 tag for Category Pages
  13. Image Alt tag for Category Pages
  14. Image title tag for Category Pages
  15. Title Tag for Brand Pages
  16. Meta-description for Brand Pages
  17. Meta-keyword for Brand Pages
  18. H1 tag for Brand Pages
  19. H2 tag for Brand Pages
  20. Image Alt tag for Brand Pages
  21. Image title tag for Brand Pages
  22. Title Tag for Information Pages
  23. Meta-description for Information Pages
  24. Meta-keyword for Information Pages

Features / Highlights

  1. You can set unlimited templates for generation. This ensures more unique content is generated
  2. Easy One Click Generation
  3. Easy one click Clear
  4. Multi-language
  5. Multi-store
  6. Auto Mode
  7. Work-logs to track each tag generation
  8. SEO friendly keyword conversion for non-english characters


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