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SEO Quick Editor

This is an easy to use editor where you can easily edit the following SEO fields manually.

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta-description
  3. Meta-keyword
  4. H1
  5. H2
  6. Image Alt tag
  7. Image Title tag
  8. Product Tag
  9. SEO URL Keyword

All products, category, brand, information are listed in one page separated by different tabs. The updates that you made are auto saved immediately. 

Show/hide column switches available for better viewing of the column content. 


  1. Easy edit content
  2. Auto Saved
  3. Hide/Show switches
  4. View Mode and Edit mode
  5. Specify number of records per page
  6. Links to open product / category / brand / information store front pages
  7. Links to open product / category / brand / information form edit pages



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