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Canonical URL for OpenCart

Is a long URL better for canonical or a short URL?

For canonical URLs, shorter URLs are generally considered better than longer ones. The canonical URL is the URL that search engines consider to be the main or preferred version of a webpage. It is used to consolidate the ranking signals for a webpage that may have multiple versions with different URLs.

Long URLs can be more difficult for users to remember and share, and they may also be truncated in search engine results, which can make them less effective. Short URLs, on the other hand, are easier to remember and share, and they can be more visually appealing in search engine results.

However, the length of the URL alone is not the most important factor for canonicalization. The canonical URL should be the version that provides the best user experience and contains the most relevant and complete information. In some cases, a longer URL may be more appropriate if it contains descriptive keywords and helps to provide context for the content of the page.

In general, it’s best to use a canonical URL that is short, descriptive, and consistent across all versions of a webpage. This can help to ensure that search engines and users are able to access and share the correct version of your content.

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