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Meta Title for OpenCart Product Pages

Here are some examples of meta titles for ecommerce product pages that include the product title:

  1. Example for a dress:

“Floral Print Wrap Dress | Stylish and Affordable – [Brand Name]”

  1. Example for a pair of sneakers:

“Men’s Black and White High Top Sneakers | Trendy and Comfortable – [Brand Name]”

  1. Example for a skincare product:

“Organic Lavender Face Serum | Natural and Effective – [Brand Name]”

  1. Example for a tech gadget:

“Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones | The Latest in Audio Technology – [Brand Name]”

In general, including the product title in the meta title can help improve SEO by making it clear to search engines and users what the page is about. It can also help attract users who are specifically searching for that product. As with any meta title, it’s important to keep it concise and relevant, and to include relevant keywords and a brand name where appropriate.

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