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OpenCart Custom Work Projects
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OpenCart Custom Work Projects starting rate from $10 per hour. The quantity refers to number of hours which you can choose on the cart page. The option shows the maximum allotted time per month. For example if you have chosen option Monthly : 26 Hours, it means the maximum total number of hours per month is limited to 26 hours and will be billed at the rate of $14 per hour, which mean the total payable amount is $14 x 26 = $364.

Kindly email for further discussion on this. Do not buy this package without consultation.

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Malo Bueno
  1. A diferencia de la política de soporte de extensión, en la que obtiene soporte gratuito durante un período específico, el soporte adicional para los servicios se factura según una tarifa por hora
  2. Debe enviar un correo electrónico a para sus requisitos
  3. No es necesario que envíe un ticket de soporte en nuestro sistema de soporte de tickets

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