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Actualizaciones gratuitas de por vida

The extensions will be revised frequently based on the suggestion received from the buyers and also based on the market trend. A buyer who purchases the extension is eligible for lifetime free updates based on the following criteria

  1. We expect a genuine positive feedback and rating for the extension from the buyer. This is what motives the developer to keep the extension in-trend with the market and keep updating and add more features to the extension. Your reviews and rating will help other customers to buy the extension and that is how the developer will be able to generate funds for the extension enhancements.
  2. Lifetime free updates will not be provided to the customers who ignores to give reviews to the extension. You must understand the price you had paid for the extension is very low compared to the other competitors or other Shopping Cart Solutions like Magento or Prestashop or Shopify where you pay 50 to 200 times more for the similar features. It takes lot of time, effort, research to develop and maintain an extension. The developer deserves credits and appreciation for the work efforts.
  3. If any extension doesn't receive enough support from the buyers or has low sales volume, the price of the extension shall be revised (price will be increased to compensate the loss incured). After a period of time (more than 2 years), the support & updates for such extensions will be discontinued.
  4. Support to older versions of OpenCart will be discontinued over time based on the demand for that particular version. It is advised that you are always up-to-date with the latest versions of OpenCart.
  5. If the updates to the extension is discontinued, the buyers who had given us rating and reviews (within 4 months from the date of purchase) will continue to receive the free updates from the direct store.

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