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This package comes with 2 Modules Newsletter Popup + Easy Account Registration and Newsletter Subscriber Block

Step 1: Installing Modules

  1. Upload the zip file via your Admin > Extensions > Extension Installer
  2. Go to Admin : Extensions > Modification and click on Refresh. You will find Add Guest Subscribers to mailing group
  3. Go to Admin : Extension > Extensions and click on Modules. [For OpenCart 2200 and 21xx, it is found under Extension > Modules]
  4. You will find Newsletter Popup + Easy Account Registration and Newsletter Subscriber Block
  5. Choose the one you want to use. You can use both as well.
  6. Click on Install button
  7. Click on edit button and setup the extension. [The installation process is as same as installing other opencart modules that comes by default]
  8. Ensure that you add module to the desired layout. (Admin: Design > Layouts). [You can add it to any position, however bottom position is suggested.]
  9. Also go to Admin: Marketing > Mail and Ensure that you see "Guest Subscribers" in the list

Step 2: Install Base Plugin

Refer guide to install Base Plugin. If you have already installed this, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Install Supporting Extensions

  1. Go to Extension > Extensions. Select Productivity Apps [HuntBee] from the drop-down selection.
  2. Click Install Newsletter Module Email Content Setup and setup this extension
  3. Click Install Newsletter Guest Subscribers

NOTE: Both Newsletter Popup + Easy Account Registration and Newsletter Subscriber Block uses the same database table. If you have installed both, and at later point of time if you uninstall any of the module, it will delete the database table and all records in the table will be deleted as well. It is suggested if you have installed both modules and want to use only one, it is better you do not uninstall, rather you can simply delete the module created from them.

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