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Setting up "Newsletter Popup" Module

All the fields are self explanatory

Highlighting few fields here

Popup Template file:

This field is introduced to give more flexibility to users to design their own newsletter popup template

Here in this field you will be mentioning location of the template file found under catalog/extension/module/

For opencart 2.3.x.x, it will be extension/module/<your_template_file_name>

For opencart, it will be module/<your_template_file_name>

For opencart 2.1.x.x versions, it will be default/template/module/<your_template_file_name>.tpl 

(Example: default/template/module/newsletter_popup_template_1.tpl)

By default we have added 2 templates under catalog/view/theme/default/template/extension/module/

  • newsletter_popup_template_1.tpl (Simple)
  • newsletter_popup_template_2.tpl (Enhanced from newsletter_popup_template_1.tpl)

So you can use the value 




Disable Close Button:

If you don't want your customer to close the popup or escapes the popup, then you can enable this field. This will disable the close button in the popup.

Enable Simple Account Registration

You can use the popup as a newsletter subscribe form alone as well as you can ask your customer to create an account.

Note: This sign-up form only records first name, last name, email and password of the user. 

If this field is enabled then an easy signup form will be shown once the subscriber clicks subscribe button. Using this form User can easy create an account in your website. Also user will be automatically logged in to thier account once they click on register button. 

TRICK: When your customer is subscribing to the subscribe form, you can print a coupon code in the success message. Or you can ask customer to sign up to recieve a coupon code in thier email.

To edit the success message, you need to access the language file of this extension and edit the file. The file location according to opencart versions is given below here.

File Location OpenCart Version
catalog/language/english/module/hbnp.php 2.1.x.x
catalog/language/en-gb/extension/module/hbnp.php 2.3.x.x


Set Cookie Value

Technically when a customer is subscribing, or creating an account using this module popup, or even if the customer clicks on the "Not interested" link, a cookie will be set in the user's browser. So that when the same customer uses the same browser, the popup will not appear again to that particular user.


– If you set a new cookie value, the customer will be getting the popup again

– If you are using multiple module, set the same cookie value to all modules

Content Width

If you set to 100, the content in the popup will cover the entire poup.

You can reduces the value as per your need and how you want the content to be get covered in the popup screen. This is useful when you are using a background image to the popup.

Min Screen width when background image gets visible

This popup is designed responive. When a user is viewing the website in mobile/smaller screen devices you may want the content to be shown covering 100% of popup and you may want to disable the background image. 

Therefore the content width setup is ignored and background image will be disabled when the popup is viewed in a screen whose screen size is less than this particular value.

Make sure you setup a background color in accordance with the background image.

Setting up "Newsletter Subscriber Block" Module

The setup is as same as "Newsletter Popup" module.

The difference between both the module is, in Newsletter popup, a popup will be shown in that particular layout, while a block is shown for Newsletter Subscriber Block

This module is limited to getting email address for guest subscribers. This will not show any sign-up form.

You can add this block to any layout in any given position. 


  • Do not add more than one block module in the same layout.You can use only one block module to a layout. You can create multiple popup module and assign them to different layouts.
  • Do not add more than one popup module in the same layout. You can use only one popup module to a layout. You can create multiple popup module and assign them to different layouts.
  • You can use both block module and popup module in a layout.

Setting up "Newsletter Module Email Content Setup"

Here you will set up the email content that will be sent when an user is subscribing or registering account through this module. 

If you do not want to send an email, then simply keep the subject field of that particular email as empty. 

This setting is common for both module i.e., Newsletter Popup + Easy Account Registration and Newsletter Subscriber Block

You can use the following short-code in your subscriber email body template

{email} - Subscriber Email

You can use the following short-code in your account registration email body template

{email} - Customer Email

{firstname} - Customer First Name

{lastname} - Customer Last Name

{email_subject} - Email Subject


About "Newsletter Guest Subscribers" Extension

Here you will find the list of guest subscribers.

Note: If a customer subscribes as guest and go one step ahead with creating an account from the module, then that particualar email address will be deleted automatically from Guest Subscribers as the email address will be found under customers with newsletter option enabled.

You can manually remove the entries by selecting and clicking on the delete button. Once a record is deleted you cannot get it back unless you have backup.

You can download the list in excel (xls) format by clicking on the Export to Excel button

Sending Newsletter to Guest Subscribers

  1. Go to Admin: Marketing > Mail
  2. Select the Guest Subscribers from the to list
  3. Compose newsletter and click on Send. 
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