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SEO URL Keyword Generator / SEO Friendly URL

This extension generates SEO URL Keywords in bulk for products, categories, information, and manufacturer pages. You can also set a URL keyword for any routes like account/login, account/register, information/contact, etc.

This extension supports Multi-language and Multi-store.


  1. Generate Product SEO URL Keyword
  2. Generate Category SEO URL Keyword
  3. Generate Brand SEO URL Keyword
  4. Generate Information SEO URL Keyword
  5. Clear all Product SEO URL Keyword
  6. Clear all Category SEO URL Keyword
  7. Clear all Brand SEO URL Keyword
  8. Clear all Information SEO URL Keyword
  9. Can be generated manually as well as automatically
  10. SEO friendly URL for any routes
  11. Preserve old keywords and set redirects to a new path
  12. Automatically detects the language of the page based on SEO keyword
  13. HREFLANG implemented for international targeting
  14. In-page edit fields for multi-language setup for product form page, category form page, information form page, manufacturer form page
Compatibility 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x,, 2.3.x.x, 3.0.x.x
Requirement VQMOD required for Multi-language setup for opencart versions to
Core Files Overwrite No Core files overwritten
Multi-store Yes, Supports Multi-store
Multi-lingual Yes, Support Multi-language website
Framework OpenCart
Existing Libraries Used Jquery, Bootstrap,
Additional Libraries Added / Used bootstraptoggle

Admin Panel


Menu : Extensions > Extensions > SEO Extensions [HuntBee] > SEO URL Generator > Edit


Video Demonstration

Open demo instruction in new tab

VERSION : 5.1.0DATE RELEASED: 02 Mar 2019
  1. Redesigned Extension for maximum compatibilty
  2. Buttons Grouped for better UI
  3. Added: Enable/Disable Transliterate 
  4. Added: Optional Product Keyword pattern configuration
  5. Added: Generate product keywords in batches (very useful for store with huge volume of products)
  6. Easy Installation and automatic installation of Multi-Language setup

  • First Release

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  2. After purchase, you need to activate the license by visiting This is done to validate your authorization.
  3. You cannot license, sub-license and resell our products
  4. You cannot reuse any part of the code or logic or algorithm of this product anywhere else which doesn't satisfy the operation of this product as advertised.

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