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Keyword Pattern

If you want to use model, brand name, upc, sku,etc in your product URL keyword, turn on this setting and enter the desired Product URL keyword pattern. You can get the list of available shortcodes from the short-codes Reference table

Keep the setting disabled or turn off, if you only want to generate the URL keyword based on Product name.

This setting is only for Product URL Keyword. 

Enable Transliterate

Enabling this feature will convert all your non alpha-numeric characters (Latin, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, Arabic, Persian, Latvian) in the keyword to its equivalent SEO friendly english character.

Run script when product/category/brand/information item is added

If enabled, the script will execute automatically whenever the admin catalog pages (product, category, manufacturer, information) is opened and will fill the empty SEO URL keyword field for the respective pages. This will ensure the SEO URL is filled all the time automatically whenever a new item is added (product, category, manufacturer, information). 

Update New keyword to Preserved List

This option requires Broken Link Manager Extension to be installed in your store. This option is useful when you are clearing the old keywords from the database. Before clearing the old keyword, click on the Preserve existing URL Keyword button. This will make a copy of the data in a separate table. On successful completetion you can click on the Clear URL keyword button. When generating the new keywords from this extension, the new keyword will be recorded for the relevant old keyword (if enabled this option). After generating all new keywords, click on the Set 301 Redirect button. This will send the data to broken link manager extension and hence the old URL (which is now a broken link) will always redirect to the latest one. This will ensure you don't get any broken links for the old URL.

Custom Routes

Example custom routes and keywords

Routes Keyword
account/login login
account/register register
account/logout logout
account/account account
account/edit edit
account/wishlist wishlist
account/order orders
account/download downloads
account/newsletter newsletter
information/contact contact
information/sitemap sitemap
product/manufacturer brands
product/special offers
checkout/cart cart
checkout/checkout checkout
account/voucher gift-voucher
account/forgotten forgot-password
account/address address-book
account/recurring recurring-payments
account/reward rewards
account/transaction wallet
account/return returns


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