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Admin functions

GDPR Request Tab

Here you find the list of request made by customers on Store front GDPR tools. 

Acceptances Tab

When you send newsletter consent emails to customers, each and every email information gets logged to database and you can view them under this tab.

And when a customer confirms (clicks on the confirm button in the email), it will enable the customer's newsletter subscription and also it logs the acceptance information which you can view here. When customer clicks on the confirm button the following informations are logged

  1. Accepted date and time
  2. User Agent
  3. Accept Language
  4. Remote IP
  5. Server IP

Subscribers Tab

Here you will find the list of customers, subscribed customers and unsubscribed customers. It also offers a search option where you can search customer by email address.

Email Setup Tab

Here you can customize the email content to be sent to customers. Please do not leave any field empty. 

The following emails can be customized

  1. Confirmation email sent to customer when customer request for personal data report view
  2. Confirmation email sent to customer when customer request for account deletion
  3. Newsletter consent email sent to customers

This tab also features a custom block option for the Personal Data Report page. Therefore if you want to inform customers anything related to his personal information, you can write it here. Please note this block will be displayed in Personal Data Report page only when customer personal data information is found in the store. 

Tools Tab

Here you have the following options

  1. Reset Subscriptions : If you want to reset subscriptions for all the customers, you can click on this button. This will turn off subscriptions to all customers. Once this is turned off you can send newsletter consent emails to customers. When customer agree to recieve newsletters, the subscriptions gets turned on.
  2. Send Newsletter Consent Emails: Clicking on this button will send emails to customers who are not subscribed. If you click on the button again, email will not be resend to customers who have been already notified. If you want to resend the email, then you need to delete the record from the acceptance table from database.

What will happen if you click on uninstall button of GDPR?

The tables created by this extension and all its records will be deleted. It is recommended to take backup before the installation as well as before the uninstall process.

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