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{return_id}Return ID
{order_id}Order ID
{admin_comment}Comment added by admin
{return_date}Date of Initiating Return
{order_id}Order ID
{customer_id}Customer ID
{firstname}Customer First Name
{lastname}Customer Last Name
{email}Customer Email
{telephone}Customer Telephone
{comment}Customer Comment added
{product}Product Name
{model}Product Model
{date_ordered}Ordered Date
{opened}Is Opened? Yes or No
{return_action}Return Action
{return_reason}Return Reason
{return_status}Return Status

Short-codes based on Store Configuration

{config_name}Store Name
{config_owner}Store Owner
{config_address}Store Address
{config_geocode}Store Geocode
{config_email}Store Email Address
{config_address}Store Address
{config_telephone}Store Telephone
{config_fax}Store Fax
{config_open}Store Opening Hours
{config_comment}Store Comment
{config_meta_title}Store Meta Title
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