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RTL Issues with Google Charts

By default, the google charts supports LTR pages. But if you are using RTL format page, then you may face alignment issues with the google charts.

To fix this you will need to add dir=”ltr” to the block that contains the google chart.

In this extension we have used

<div id="chart_div"></div>

Update this to

<div id="chart_div" dir="ltr"></div>

You will need to update this in the following files

  1. admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/oc2/report_alltime.tpl
  2. admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/oc2/report_monthly.tpl
  3. admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/oc2/report_sales.tpl
  4. admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/oc2/report_yearly.tpl
  5. admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/oc3/report_alltime.twig
  6. admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/oc3/report_monthly.twig
  7. admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/oc3/report_sales.twig
  8. admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/oc3/report_yearly.twig
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