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Importance of HREFLANG

Hreflang is an HTML attribute that is used to indicate to search engines which language and regional content to display to users based on their location and language preferences. It’s an essential tool for websites that have multilingual and/or multi-regional versions of their content.

The importance of hreflang lies in its ability to ensure that users are directed to the right version of a website’s content based on their language and location. This not only improves the user experience but also helps to prevent duplicate content issues and confusion for search engines.

Without hreflang, search engines may not be able to properly index and display the right version of a website’s content to users in different regions or who speak different languages. This can result in lower search engine rankings and ultimately less traffic to the website.

In today’s global market, many websites are creating content in multiple languages and targeting users in different regions. Implementing hreflang tags can help to ensure that each user is directed to the most relevant version of a website’s content, improving the website’s overall search engine performance and user engagement.

When to enable this option in the extension?

Only enable this feature in the extension setting, if your storefront uses more than 1 language.

When you enable this feature, the hreflang for the home page looks like this

for the product page, category page, etc, the hreflang looks like this

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