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About the extension

With this extension, you can enable/disable shipping methods based on the customer’s zip code or pin code. You will add / import pin codes in the extension settings that are eligible for individual shipping method. The eligible shipping methods will be shown to the user only if the pin code of the user is available in the database for the respective shipping methods.

You can also add an additional restriction based on the category of the products.

For example,

Let’s assume your store has the following shipping methods

  1. Same Day Delivery (+$20)
  2. Delivery in 2 – 4 days (+$5)

You have the product “HP Spectre 15t” that you can deliver for both of the shipping methods provided the customer pin code is 123456. But you cannot deliver the product on the same day if the customer pin code is 456789.

For the mentioned scenario,

Customer whose pin code is 123456 will see both shipping methods in the option and he can choose any of the one as per his convinience.

A customer whose pin code is 456789 will only the shipping method “Delivery in 2 – 4 days”

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