Email Template Designer PRO 4.3.0 Logs

Email Type ID (email_type_id)

Previously email_type_id was included in “email_options” column of “hb_build_template“, encoded in JSON format. Now, on version 4.3.0, we are making this value in a separate column, so that email templates can now be easily tagged and easily accessible and also makes it easier for compatibility with other supporting extensions.

Any email_type_id having id > 5 will now be updated and 100 will be added to the id. Because we want to reserve the first 100 IDs for common email types that can also be used by other supporting applications.

CRON Bucket Priority Level

Adding a new column “priority” to the table “hb_cron_bucket“. The purpose of this column is to set priority levels for the emails saved in the cron bucket, and emails will be sent based on the priority levels.

IMPORT template Option

We have removed the huntbee server dependencies.

To import any additional template, the file should be present at admin/view/template/extension/hbapps/sql/email_templates_addon.sql

The developer will create this SQL file by exporting the SQL query of the template that he has created on his local dev server.

This SQL file, whenever created by the developer must consider updating the following shortcodes after the exporting process.




The file should be named as email_templates_addon.sql

Whenever the import templates button is clicked on the extension, this SQL file will be executed and the file will be deleted after execution. This is done to avoid duplication by running the button again and again which some of the customers often do.

So, if the customer wants to import again, he has to upload the file all again.

Disable Unsubscription Status

Now, user can choose which email type needs to be exempted from customer unsubscription. Previously the email types Testing, Account, Registration, Important Updates were the email types for which the email will be sent to customer regardless of the customer subscription status. Now, with this new update, admin can choose the email types.

When the checkbox is selected, it means the email will be sent to the customer even if the customer has already unsubscribed to this email type.

How to update from 4.2.5 to 4.3.0

Upload the latest copy

Go to Menu Productivity Apps > All Apps.

Find Email Designer in the list and click on the Update button