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Setup and Testing

This is an one-time setup module.

After installing this module you need to enter a starting range value and click on the save button. Recommended number of digits for this starting range is 4 digits or 5 digits or 6 digits.

  1. Database backup is recommended
  2. You should not enter value equal to or higher than 2147483648 because this is the final highest number that the OpenCart Order ID field can support and therefore your website will not accept any orders.
  3. Once you enter a value and save it you cannot re enter a new value which is lesser than the previously saved value. But you can enter an higher value than the previous one.
  4. If by mistake you ignored any of the above points and messed up your website, contact our support to get it resolved.
  5. You cannot enter alphabetical characters. Only numbers are allowed.


After successful setup, you can test the extension by placing a new order as a customer or in admin. If you had set 52300 in the extension, then the immediately order that is placed will have the order ID 52301. And the subsequent orders will have the order ID like 52302, 52303, so on….

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