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About this extension

This extension sends a one-time password (OTP) via email or SMS or both email and SMS for account verification purposes.

OTP Feature

The OTP is sent when

  1. Customer edits his basic profile information like the first name, last name, email, or any custom fields
  2. Customer is trying to change his phone number
  3. Customer updates his address form
  4. Customer changes his password
  5. Customer wants to login using OTP
  6. Customer registers an account

and the details are only updated if the OTP is verified.

This is an add-on extension to Email Template Designer PRO to send Emails and OpenCart SMS to send SMS using any SMS API. Do not buy this extension if you do not have the mentioned extension. No Refund will be given in case you missed to see this point.

Highlighted Features

Edit Alert Feature

Also, this extension can send an alert email when the fields are updated. For example, when a customer is trying to change the password, he receives an alert email and alert SMS to his registered email address and registered phone.

Resend OTP Feature

Customers can use resend OTP feature after some time (in seconds). Admin sets this time seconds limit in the setting. Admin also sets the maximum no. of resend attempts.

Locking feature

The send or resend OTP feature will be locked for the customer who has exceeded maximum number of limit.

Verify old Password to change to the new password

The extension also has an optional feature to verify old password in order to change to a new password.

Login with OTP

Customers can now login with OTP. A customer can enter his email address or phone number to receive the OTP to his registered email address or registered phone number.

Registration Verification

Email and phone number (optional) of the registering customer can be verified and the account is only created after successful verification. This feature ensures you have a genuine customer and not any spam or bots.

Other Features:

  1. Disable close popup feature.
  2. Verification Code (OTP) Expiry time (in minutes). OTP is valid only for this time period.

Admin Features

Admin can have all the updates of the OTP Verification records in the dashboard tab.

Email and SMS Template Setup

This extension doesn’t make any changes to checkout page forms. If you want a more secured way for verification, then disable registration forms on checkout pages and only allow customer registration only via the main registration page.

This extension only supports the default template and Journal3 templateFree support is only for these templates. If you use any other template, then an additional $50 for making this extension work with your template. No refund will be provided if you missed this point.

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