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SEO Broken Link Manager

This extension is one of the very essential extension for your opencart store. This extension captures your broken links and immediately redirects to a working page and thereby there will never be any broken link in your website. Therefore your SEO performance is very much improved.

After installing this extension, you can very well notice in your google search console that your 404 pages drops to 0.


  1. Redirects broken links to a working page
  2. Smart Keyword detection algorithm which can redirect to relevant working pages
  3. Better custom 404 Page
  4. Custom 404 page HTML designer
  5. Bulk Processing Tools
  6. Tracks all 404 pages that customer hits
  7. Optionally Exclude URL using Specified URL pattern
  8. Optionally Exclude URL by IP Address
  9. Optionally Exclude URL by User Agent
  10. Automatic Redirect URL setup
  11. No files overwritten
  12. No Technical Knowledge Needed
  13. User Agent Tracking
  14. IP Tracking
  15. Can be adopted to any theme or template
  16. Multi-language
  17. Multi-store
  18. Keyword based redirection
  19. Admin can also set redirect for a working link
  20. Auto-delete records with less number of hits


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