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SEO XML Sitemap Generator PRO

Why XML sitemap is required?

Sitemaps can help improve the accuracy of rankings and therefore search results, meaning they are good for your overall search campaign.

About this extension

This extension generates XML sitemaps dynamically as well as raw files. In dynamic version all the latest update is reflected while in raw xml files they needs to be manually triggered for the latest updated xml files.

Raw XML files are just an optional feature which you might need in very rare case where your server might go down very often while attempting to show the dynamic XML sitemaps.

This extension arranges and organises all the XML sitemap in its sitemap index file and therefore you only need to submit the index files. All other XML files are automatically indexed from the index file. 

This extension uses paginated series for displaying the product sitemap and product tag sitemaps. This will be very helpful in cases when your store is huge and having products more than 30,000 or even in 100,000, since there is a limitation of number of links to be provided in each sitemap file. Due to this property the sitemap file becames Search Engine Optimized.

Product images and additional images, category images, brand images are all added to sitemap files which will increase image indexing in search engines.

You can additionaly add any number of custom links to your sitemap files. 

Features / Highlights

  1. Dynamic XML sitemap
  2. SEO friendly links for dynamic XML sitemap files
  3. Option to generate Raw XML sitemap files
  4. Custom links to XML sitemap files
  5. Supports Journal2 template blog link in XML sitemap
  6. Product images inclusion
  7. Product additional Images inclusion
  8. Category Images inclusion
  9. Brand images inclusion
  10. Sitemap Index file
  11. Image caption and Image Title for Image sitemap links
  12. Pagination for product pages and product tags links
  13. Multi-language support
  14. Multi-store support
  15. Category to Product links
  16. Brand to product links
  17. Easy to use, no coding knowledge required
  18. Active Support


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