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Start business with Zero Investment

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Start business with Zero Investment
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In this course we are going to discuss how to generate a consistent income using the freely available open-source codes. We will be discussing specifically discussing on OpenCart as an example and how easy is it to create a product or program from the already available codes. No Bullshit; just straight to the point.


What you will learn?

  1. Learn to create your own digital products and how to sell them without putting any monetary investment (Zero Investment) and how to establish a successful business even if you have no experience and no portfolio
  2. Get a clear idea and 100% proven idea to create full time income by working from home or anywhere in this world
  3. Learn to create digital products easily and how to sell them
  4. Learn about OpenCart - A free Open Source Application for ecommerce website



  1. You should have basic education and should be capable of self-learning


Who this course is for

  1. This is for anyone who wants to replace their full or part-time income
  2. This is especially for people who want to quit their job and work from home or anywhere.
  3. This is for anyone who wants to learn technologies and create digital assets to make money.
  4. This is for those who are worried about losing their job
  5. This is for anyone who are tired of working 9 to 5 jobs
  6. This is for anyone who believes there is no shortcut to success but there is smart way to success
  7. This is for anyone who wants to give more time to life as well as earn more with less efforts
  8. This is for anyone who wants to travel and wants to work anytime anywhere with no time constraints or limitations.
  9. This course for people who have the basic education and have basic idea about HTML and Web technologies. You need not to be expert in anything. If you understand HTML and know how an if else statement works in any programming language.


How this course is different from other courses based on work from home?

I have come across the following courses that tells you how to earn money working from home but there are some tricks or conditions to these types of courses. 

1. Trading or Mutual Funds

You have to invest so much amount in it in order to make profit and there are lot of risk associated in these type of business and you need very detailed knowledge of the topic. 

2. Online blogging

You need to be very good at writing. You need to have a website. You need lakhs of followers per month in order to start earning some money and you need to invest lot of time in it. No guarantee that it will be a successful business. 

3. Freelancing

You need some sort of investment to get project. You need to be very good at your technical or non-technical skills. Very competitive. Very difficult to get clients/projects. It is not consistent. Takes lot of time to establish.

4. Adsense

There is some investment involved. You need lakhs of web traffic per month to your website or blog in order to earn money. Needs lot of consistency and requires many months to establish yourself.


There are several other similar businesses. But for these kind of business you will need investment, you may also need 3rd party support, there is no guarantee you will earn good money, lot of risk involved, stressful, etc. However in this course I'm going to explain about a business model where you do not need any investment, you do not need any 3rd party support, you can work all alone, you can just spend 2 hours daily or work anytime whenever you want to, you can take long vacations, you do not need to worry about web traffic, you do not need to worry about promotion. Once you finish the course you will be all set to start the business and there is zero loss as there is no investment involved and there is guaranteed success and high success rate and you can start earning from week 1 itself.


How Much Can You Earn?

Technically this kind of business has no limitations. It is all about idea, demand and your efforts. If your idea is brilliant it will have more demand and with less efforts you can make lot of money. Also if you have an average idea, you will still make money but you may need to put in little more effort. And in this kind of business there is no limitations to ideas. You can create multiple products or what I call “Digital Assets”. The more the number of ideas, the more the number of products or assets you create, the more the money you make. When I started this business, I started earning from 1st week itself. On a rough estimation, if you are giving 2 hours effort daily, you could make 15L to 25L per annum; and if you are giving 8 hours effort daily you could make 20L to 50L per annum or even more.


What Will You Learn?

When you join this course, you will learn how to start a business with no investment, no human resource. There are no loses in this type of business. I will share you my experience on how I started the business and also will teach you how to develop a product or digital asset easily so that you don’t have to invest your time and money anywhere else. Soon after finishing this course you will be all set to create your own product and start selling them. 


Topics Covered

1 Why do you need this course?

2 Benefits of becoming a Freelance Entrepreneur

3 Digital Asset

4 Resources required to start a business of this type

5 How do I gain customer confidence?

6 What are you going to get out of the course?

7 What does open source mean

8 Types of Open Source

9 Best open sources where you can create plugins and earn money

10 What is OpenCart

11 How to install Opencart or any Open Source

12 Versions in Opencart

13 Opencart Architecture

14 How to create a custom store front page in Opencart

15 Basic Opencart libraries and cheatsheet

16 What things do I need to keep in mind in order to create or develop products

17 How to create an opencart module

18 How to create an opencart extension

19 What is OCMOD and VQMOD

20 How to create an extension/module package in opencart

21 How to sell your product in opencart marketplace

22 Final Checklist


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Number of Chapters22 Chapters, 3 Instruction Videos
Content CreatorPriyabrata Ghorai, Zeeneth
Course AccessLifetime Access to Course
Course DurationThis is a crash course and one can complete the course within 1 week to 4 weeks
Course LanguageEnglish
Course FormatDigital Online Course

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