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Shipped Order Status

This setting selection is used for the shipment form as shown the below screenshot.

In the extension setting, the selected order status for this field must be one among the order statuses selected in the “Eligible Order Status for Order shipments”.

For example, in the above screenshot, the selected order statuses for the field “Eligible Order Status for Order shipments” are

  • Shipped
  • Shipped Partially

Therefore, you can either choose the order status Shipped or Shipped Partially for the field “Shipped Order Status”.

In the shipment form, this order status will be selected by default and therefore reduces the data entry effort of selecting the order status that is to be updated when you send the shipment email. This also eliminates the possibility of human data entry errors in selecting the order status.

The below screenshot shows the placement of shipment order status when there are items in the order that have not shipped and the tracking details are yet to be updated.

When all items are shipped in the order, the placement of this field will look as shown below.

When you send the shipment email, the order status of the order will be updated as per this selection. Also, the order history is added.

This selection is not saved anywhere in the database. It is only used for the order status update.

You can also change the order status if you wish to update it to some other order status. For example, you do not want to update the order status to “Shipped”, instead you only want to update the order status to “Shipped Partially”, you can select “Shipped Partially” and then click on the “Send Email” button. This will update the order status to “Shipped Partially”.

If you do not want to update the order status or add order history, you can choose the “Do not add history” option. So when you send the email, the order status will not be updated. Only email is sent to the user.

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