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FeedbackFlow: Post-Purchase Review Invitation is an OpenCart extension that helps you to collect product reviews from your customers. The extension sends an email to customers after a certain number of days from the date of purchase, requesting them to leave a review. The email can be based on the whole order or on each individual product in the order. You can also optionally define eligible products or categories of product to send emails.

FeedbackFlow: Post-Purchase Review Invitation

Reviews are very influencing in the purchasing decision made by customer, and many online store are displaying customer reviews on product page to drive conversions. Having your customers share their feedback on a recent purchase is not only useful to your other customers but also useful to you as a company. You need to be aware of what people are saying, whether good or bad, and take action on any items that need your attention through post purchase product review emails.

The trouble is that collecting customer reviews can be a tricky affair – after all, once you’ve received a purchase, it’s incredibly easy to forget to go back and review it. Sending a well-timed email requesting a customer review can be a great way of jogging customers’ memories.

How it works?

Once the customer has had enough time to receive and use the purchased item, these emails can be automated to send. Typically, sending the email two weeks after purchase is a good amount of time to ensure they have received and used it. This timeline may change depending on your business and can easily be adjusted to fit the timing that is right for you and your business.

This extension sends email to your customers at a set time that you decide after the purchase will encourage the customers to leave reviews for the product they bought.

This extension will prove you to see a dramatic increase in sales and reviews generated.


1. Scheduled Customer Emails

  • FeedbackFlow allows you to automatically send emails to customers after a specified number of days from their purchase.

2. Email Options

  • You have the flexibility to choose between sending one email with a list of all purchased products or individual emails for each product in the order.

3. Product Eligibility

  • Define which products or categories of products are eligible to trigger review emails, giving you control over the review collection process.

4. Dedicated Review Form Page

  • FeedbackFlow provides a separate review form page for easy and efficient collection of product reviews. It includes an auto-login feature to streamline the review submission process.

5. Reminder Emails

  • Automatically send reminder emails to customers who haven’t yet submitted their product reviews, increasing the chances of receiving valuable feedback.

6. Cron Job Automation

  • The FeedbackFlow extension includes a cron job functionality, eliminating the need for manual intervention once everything is set up. This automation ensures timely and consistent review requests.

Download Links:

Direct Store : https://www.huntbee.com/product-review-request-automated-email

OpenCart Marketplace : https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension/info&extension_id=27045&filter_member=HuntBee%20Services

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