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Note: Do not leave any field empty. If any field is not properly filled, it will give errors in the operation.


  1. Displays the list of records for which order review request email has been sent.
  2. It also displays if the customer has viewed the email
  3. Displays the list of products the customer has reviewed
  4. Number of reminder email sent


The ORDERS TAB shows all the completed order records for which post-purchase is not sent by this extension. Also it features a manual send button which the admin can use to send email manually to customer by overriding the trigger date mentioned in this extension.

Clicking Request Review button is not necessary if you have set the cron job. The Cron job will do everything automatically based on the setup


Select Order Status

The value of this field defines customer order as completed and order review email will be only sent to those orders.

Email Type

Email can be sent individually to products in the order OR as a single email can be sent with all the list of products ordered.

Selecting Send email by Orders will send one email per order

Selecting Send email by individual products in the order will send multiple emails if an order has multiple products in it.

Hide records older than (yyyy-mm-dd)

This field can be left empty. This has no role in the automation job or in the operation.

If your website has multiple orders prior to installing this extension, then all those records will be shown under ORDERS TAB of this extension. To hide all those previous records you can set a date in yyyy-mm-dd format. This option is only for visual appearance for the records in the ORDERS TAB

Trigger Email After (in Days)

This value is used by the automation script. The automation script must be set to run daily once. When it runs it makes comparison with the current date and the last updated date of the orders that were updated to completed order status and accordingly the emails will be sent to customers.

Enable Reminder Email

If this is enabled, customers who failed to review the products they ordered will be sent an reminder email.

No. of Reminder Emails

Admin can define the number of reminder emails to be sent to customer if they fail to review the order.

Reminder Email Gap Period (in Days)

The gap between last sent reminder email and the next reminder email.

Pass Key for cron job

Set an alphanumeric value. Without this key the job will not execute.


Here you can define the content of the email. You can use the available short-codes in the email.

Initial Email

The first email that is sent to customer requesting order/product review uses this template

Reminder Email

The reminder email that is sent to customer requesting order/product review uses this template

{products} Design

The short-code {products} used in Initial email template or Reminder email template uses this template to build the product(s). If this left empty then {products} short-code will not display anything.

Thank you Block

This content is shown in store frontend when the customer access the review link and reviews all the products shown in that page. This appears at the end after successful submission of reviews of all products for that particular order

You can use value like as shown below with bigger fonts. You can add a thank you image or anything you want to convey your thanks to the customer for reviewing the products. [You can use the first name and last name short code her for more personalization]



Whenever an email is sent manually or automatically by this extension it adds log to a text file saved in your logs folder. Every month new text file will be created under logs folder.


To help you with email template, we have given you some sample templates which you can use. The templates can be accessed only if your product license is active.


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