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Subject Line Examples

Without any short-codes

  1. “Share Your Thoughts: Review Your Recent Purchase!”
  2. “We Value Your Feedback: Review Your Recent Order”
  3. “Help Us Improve: Review Your Recent Shopping Experience”
  4. “Your Opinion Matters: Review Your Purchased Products”
  5. “Review Request: Share Your Feedback and Get Rewards”
  6. “Tell Us What You Think: Review Your Recent Buy”
  7. “Unlock Rewards: Review Your Recent Order”
  8. “Rate and Review: Your Voice Matters to Us”
  9. “Customer Review Request: Share Your Experience”
  10. “Review Invitation: Let Your Voice Be Heard”

With Short-code {product_name}

  1. “Review Your {product_name} Purchase & Earn Rewards!”
  2. “Tell Us About Your {product_name} Experience – Review Now”
  3. “We Want Your Feedback on {product_name} – Review Today”
  4. “Review Request for {product_name}: Share Your Thoughts”
  5. “Rate Your {product_name} Purchase – Your Opinion Matters”
  6. “Unlock Rewards: Review Your {product_name} Purchase”
  7. “Review Invitation: Share Your {product_name} Feedback”
  8. “Review Your {product_name} Product – Help Us Improve”
  9. “Customer Review Request: {product_name} Experience”
  10. “Review Your {product_name} – Your Voice Counts!”

Reminder Email Subject Line Examples

  1. “Don’t Forget: Review Your Recent Purchase of {product_name}”
  2. “Last Chance to Share Your Thoughts on {product_name}”
  3. “Reminder: Your Review for {product_name} Matters to Us”
  4. “Complete Your Review for {product_name} – Time’s Running Out”
  5. “Your {product_name} Review Request – We’d Love to Hear from You”
  6. “Still Time to Review {product_name} – Your Opinion Counts”
  7. “Review Reminder: Tell Us About Your {product_name} Experience”
  8. “Your Feedback Needed: {product_name} Review Request”
  9. “Final Reminder: Review Your {product_name} Purchase”
  10. “Don’t Miss Out: Review Your {product_name} Today”

Using more short-code combinations

  1. “Hey {firstname}, Your Review for Order #{order_id} Awaits!”
  2. “Hi {firstname}, Share Your Thoughts on Order #{order_id} Now”
  3. “Don’t Miss Out, {firstname}! Review Order #{order_id} Today”
  4. “Last Chance, {firstname}! Review Order #{order_id} for {ordered_date}”
  5. “Your Opinion Matters, {firstname}! Review Order #{order_id} Now”
  6. “Hey {firstname}, Share Your Experience – Order #{order_id}”
  7. “Hi {firstname}, We’d Love Your Feedback on Order #{order_id}”
  8. “Complete Your Review, {firstname} – Order #{order_id} Awaits”
  9. “Final Reminder, {firstname}! Review Order #{order_id} for {ordered_date}”
  10. “Your {ordered_date} Purchase: Review for Order #{order_id}”
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