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Options / Setup

Content Template

This is the message that will be displayed on the popup. Use the short-codes accordingly to create your customized message template.

Refer available short-codes from here https://www.huntbee.com/resources/docs/recent-sales-popup-alert/short-codes/

Do not leave this field empty

Footer Text

This is basically the link for "Don't Show Again". When a customer clicks on this link, browser cookie gets set and no more notification will be shown to the customer. 

If you want to disable this option, leave this field empty.

Orders Period [in Days]

Gets orders for the last x number of days with respect to the current date. If 90 is given, it means it will get orders of last 90 days in a random manner.

Do not leave this field empty

Order Statuses

Orders are filtered for the selected order statuses

Do not leave this field empty

Image Dimension

The dimension of the product image on the notification popup

Do not leave this field empty

Only show products from categories

If you want to show products only from a particular range of category, use this field. Otherwise leave empty.

Optional field

Block Style

The given style success, warning, info, danger works only on a bootstrap template like the opencart default template. These option may not work in all templates. If the above given option doesn't work you can choose the option User which is a user customised option.


These setup only works for the block style User

Display Duration

Time duration of the notification

Do not leave this field empty

Delay Duration

Duration between notifications

Do not leave this field empty


Choose the placement postion of the notification


Choose the enter and exit animation of the notification

Show Progress Bar

Enable or Disable Progress Bar

Z Index

Default value 1031. Do not change the value if you are not good in CSS. 

Custom CSS Style

In case if you want to add additional css to the notification

Tracking Parameters

To track the analytics when any customer clicks on the notification

How do I view campaigns in Google Analytics?

Log in to your Google Analytics account and click Reporting in the top navigation bar. In the sidebar, click Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns


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