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How to Use

Before using this extension,

  1. It is very important that you make the website backup before you use the extension.
  2. You must have saved the settings, before starting the image renaming process.

The image filename templates that are mentioned when you installed the extension are just for reference. Please use the templates as per your requirement, you do not have to mention all short-codes. If you use all the short-codes in the templates, then the image filename can become too long to fit into the database column which is limited to 255 characters by default.

If you want to use all the parameters for the image filename, you can do that by increasing the 255 limits for the image column in the database. (this needs advanced skills)

For target folder paths, make sure you add the backslash (/) at the end

Once you saved the settings, you are good to start the renaming process.

After the process is completed, make sure you have cleared your cache so that the newly updated image location is displayed.

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