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Extensions / Modules

All our extensions or modules are developed taking care of maximum compatibility with all type of stores. All the extensions / modules available here are developed and tested with live server environment. All the extensions / modules are downloadable products and we do not sell it in other ways or via any other media. To download any extensions you need to have an account with us. Once the payment is successful, you can directly download the extension from My Account > Download .

Premium Services / Custom Enhancements

There are two types of services available for premium services / custom enhancements. They are

  1. Predefined Premium Service
  2. Analytical Premium Service

In predefined premium service we have our work template already defined and once we receive the full payment, we provide the service. For Analytical Premium Service, advance payment needs to be done to avail the service and remaining payment needs to be paid after the completion of work. .More details will be explained when we interact with you.

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