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Standard Version

This extension is compatible for 2.0.x.x / 2.1.x.x / / 2.3.x.x/3.x.x.x

  1. Download the appropriate package with respect to your opencart version
  2. Login to your website admin panel : Menu : Extensions > Extension Installer. 
  3. Upload product-stock-notification-standard.ocmod.zip
  4. Go to Admin Menu : Extensions > Modifications. Click on Refresh button. You will find the Product Back In-Stock Alert (Core) in the modification list
  5. Now go to Menu:  Extensions > Extensions > Modules. Find Product Stock Notification in the module list. Click on the Install button
  6. After module is installed, click on the edit button and configure the extension and click save. DO NOT LEAVE ANY FIELD EMPTY. 
  7. For easiness, you can also find the link to this extension under Menu: Extensions > Product Stock Alert.
  8. After configuration, kindly test the extension thoroughly.

Video Demonstration

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