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SMS functionality

This extension offers you the provision of adding SMS functionality to this extension. Adding SMS notification functionality has a great advantage over Email notification, as SMS reaches the customer mobile instantly.

  1. Offline Notification – The customer need not to be connected to internet to get the notification.
  2. Email may get delivered to SPAM in some cases. Therefore SMS provides you better customer notification

To send an SMS to any mobile you will need to have an active SMS gateway service. Without an SMS gateway service, this extension will not be able to send any SMS. If you have already got API from your SMS Gateway Vendor, contact our support team to integrate it with this extension.

There are many SMS Gateway providers who offer your SMS Web Integration. Select a service for best and quality service and at an affordable price package.

The extension by default supports SMS HTTP API (GET Method), so if your SMS vendor provides you HTTP API (GET Method), you can easily integrate the SMS API to this extension.


This extension also supports our OpenCart SMS extension, using which you can configure almost any SMS Gateway vendor (GET Method or POST Method). If the OpenCart SMS extension is installed, your screen will look like the below screenshot where the extension’s in-built SMS HTTP API field will be disabled.

SMS API Integration Support

In case if you are not able to configure the SMS API using the mentioned settings, contact our support to integrate the SMS API to your website for this extension functionality. (Not covered under free support. Custom charges apply according to the SMS gateway API settings).

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