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Courier Service/Logistic partner for the particular product / order
Tracking Code or ID or Consignment ID of the Shipment
Tracking Link / URL for the shipment
Expected Delivery Date
Order ID
Invoice Number
Invoice Prefix
Store name
Store URL
Customer ID
Customer First name
Customer Last name
Customer Telephone
Customer Email
Customer IP Address
Customer Comment
Payment Method
Shipping Method
Payment Address
Shipping Address
Order Status
Order Link
Order Date
Order Total
Shipped Products (Table format)
Product name of one of items in the shipment
Product name of one of items in the shipment and characters limited to 17 characters followed by three dots (…)
Number of products in the shipment
Total Number of products in the shipment Minus (-) 1

The following short-codes can be used in the email subject
{order_id}, {product_name}, {product_name_limited}, {remaining}

For SMS Template, you can additionally use the short-code {mail_subject}. This short-code is exclusively for the SMS template and cannot be used for email content or email subject. Using this short-code in SMS template, you can import the already composed email subject to the SMS template. You can use all other short-codes listed in the above table.

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